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Share your ideas for the library of the future!

Online Ideas Campaign has closed.

2013 marks a year of transformation for the Ottawa Public Library.

The Library strives to deliver services to a broader range of customers and is operating in a time of transformation – from rapidly developing technology, to increasing customer expectations, to changing demographics, and significant economic pressures.

To continue to deliver relevant, efficient, and equitable services that meet its customers' needs, the Library is looking to refresh its Strategic Plan in 2015. This online Ideas campaign is part of this initiative.

You can view and participate in the online Ideas campaign from May 15 to June 15, 2013.

Vote or comment on existing ideas, or post your own idea to these central questions:

The Library offers a wealth of services, collections, programs, and spaces. Imagine the Library in five years and tell us:

What should we continue doing?

What should we start doing?

What should we stop doing?

Join the discussion! You could win an iPad!